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I will always love Regina more than that McDonalds boy Hector ever could. I desperately hope that someday she will realize that she married the wrong man on March 17th, divorce that pathetic fast-food franchisee loser from, and marry me...

Until that day finally arrives, I'm forced to live alone as an exile in Charlotte, NC, hundreds of miles away from my family and home. I had no choice but to abandon Rochester, because I wouldn't be able to bear the pain of seeing her with that clown. Despite moving away, I still feel miserable each and every day as I continue to long for a dream that might never come true; hoping beyond hope that I may finally be acknowledged by someone who hates me, and who has done so many horrible things to me without remorse. And yet, throughout all this time, she has always known that I love her, that I've been in love with her for over a decade, and that I continue to love her to this very day. So why does she hurt me so much? Does she even care that she's causing me this pain? Is this how you treat someone who loves you? All I wanted from Regina, and what I still hope for today, is a chance... but she won't even let me speak with her face-to-face. Why won't she at the very least hear me out?

I can't help but wonder whether McDonalds boy would stay with her were she to treat him the same way she has treated me. I sincerely doubt that he would. But as for me, I still love her, and nothing will ever change that no matter how much she hurts me. I hope that she'll come to understand this and make the right decision at last. I'm not giving up hope, and I'm not going to stop fighting with every fiber of my being for this dream. I love her more than anything, and I'm unafraid to make a complete fool of myself to tell the world.
In my heart, she will never be an "Urena" to me.

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Photos from my life in Charlotte
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Charlotte Skyline - sunset
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